I’d Like To Get To Know You…….

In order to provide you with the absolute best of my education, life experience, training and insight, I will need some information from you. In completing and signing my confidential Intake Form (just click on the link to open it), you will trust me with details of your personal life that I will use to gain insight into your particular life situation and to work with you in formulating a plan for changes that can enrich your life. This is a partnership that you and I enter into together in order to help you attain the goals you set for yourself.  What you write will allow me to know you on a deeper level—a level which will enable our work together to be meaningful and lasting.  If you feel uncomfortable with parts of the form, you may leave them blank and we will get to them as we work together and develop our therapeutic relationship.

So please fill out the intake form thoughtfully and as completely as you can, and bring it with you to our first session. I look forward to getting to know you!

I also included a link to my Informed Consent for Treatment form, which you are welcome to look over prior to our first session. We will review and discuss it as needed in the first session, prior to you signing it.


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The adjacent Intake & Consent For Treatment Pdf files can be downloaded, filled out and returned by email or regular mail.



















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